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Wayne - 2022
Wayne Irwin – Partner

Wayne’s career spans over 30 years of executive leadership in disruptive technology and telecommunications markets where he’s been able to support changing the way people live and businesses operate. Over his career, Wayne developed his passion to help others find their path to success at both the personal and professional levels.

Wayne is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) assessor and coach.

Ray White – Partner

Ray White has spent his career exploring the connections between performance and stress in the business environment.  He has researched, written about, and helped teams implement habits and skills that help you achieve more while at the same time reducing your stress and improving your emotional health. 

Joel Dollar – Partner

After 30+ years in the marketing and advertising industry, Joel is considered an expert at repeatedly helping businesses profitably grow. Joel has a unique ability to combine creative thinking and analytical insights that motivates the right buyers with pinpoint accuracy.