Wayne Irwin – Partner

Wayne’s career spans over 30 years of executive leadership in disruptive technology and telecommunications markets where he’s been able to support changing the way people live and businesses operate. Over his career, Wayne developed his passion to help others find their path to success at both the personal and professional levels.

Wayne has operated in many different leadership roles, first to learn and hone his skills, but then to ignite change and drive the growth and expansion of companies from true starts ups to Fortune 10 companies (Intel, Ericsson, Verizon). His learnings developed through experience in global business development, operational execution, strategic initiatives, and employee development have provided a scalable foundation that can be used across numerous business situations. Over his years of experience, Wayne has developed a leadership style and processes that focus on the success of the individual. It is his experience that individual success leads to overall company success.

Wayne has operated P&Ls from $2M to over $300M and grown businesses 10X fold while continuing to increase employee satisfaction and profitability. In these roles, Wayne has participated in 3 successful exits including taking a company public on NASDAQ, company acquisition, and direct sale of Intellectual Property (IP).

Wayne received his BA in Business from Central Michigan University and an MBA from Xavier University. Additionally, Wayne has received several Certifications from MIT and Yale. Wayne is also Certified to provide Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments and coaching.

Wayne’s higher purpose is to help others find their WHY so that they can live their lives to the fullest.