Ray White – Partner

Ray White has over 30 years of business experience growing and scaling companies and developing team members into executive leaders. Ray spent the last 18 years in various C-Level roles, including Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and Chief Performance Officer. Ray’s focus has been building companies that seamlessly merge positive work culture with optimal performance and profitability and has participated in leading four start-ups from $0 in sales to as much as $320 million. He has helped multiple businesses achieve consistent double digit growth in sales and profit and recruited, hired, and developed 25+ team members who have become C-level or senior executives. Ray has also led or participated in 14 transactions both buying and selling companies.

Ray is also the Co-Founder of Joyages, an app-based program designed to make a positive impact on the Mental Health Crisis in America and has served in leadership positions on many different boards. Ray created “Leads to Close” processes for three different companies which quantified marketing spend, clarified marketing to sales transition processes, created successful sales structures, as well as measuring and optimizing sales processes to grow the pipeline and long term revenue results. He also developed the science based PAMC (Purpose, Autonomy, Mastery, and Connection) methodology to drive employee motivation, guide leadership decisions, and improve company cultures.

Ray has authored 4 books, 2 of which became Amazon Best Sellers, relating to the connections between emotional health, leadership performance, and success. Ray has helped various companies win more than 14 “Best Places to Work” awards at the local, state, and national levels.

Ray’s Higher Purpose is to Help People be Happy and Successful.