Do you have an “Autonomy” Account?

An “Autonomy” account is 3 to 6 months of salary in a bank account. I sometimes call it “go to hell” money.

We are all happier when we have autonomy, the ability to choose actions that will impact our lives.

An “Autonomy” account allows you to get up every morning and decide if you want to go to work or not.

You could decide not to work because you have a choice. Your savings will get you through a job search.

More importantly it gives you a cushion to make the right decisions at work, even if the boss might fire you.

It lets you sleep better at night because you have a cushion if you get laid off.

Start building your “Autonomy” account today, even if it is as little as $100 per month.

Do you feel like your work is a choice or something you are stuck with? 

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